Some important Internet/Computer abbreviations you need to know

Below are some internet and computer related abbreviations and their meanings.

API- Application program Interface
ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASP- Active Server Page
URL- Uniform Resource Locator
BASH- Bourne-Again Shell
HTML-HyperText Marku-up Language
XML- Xtensible Mark-up Language
PHP- Hypertext Processor(it was initially called Personal Homepage Processor)
SQL- Structured Query Langauge
HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol
AJAX-Asynchronous Javascript And Xml
BIOS- Basic Input/Output System
BLOB- Binary Large Object(a data type)
BMP- Bitmap(an image format)
BSOD- Blue Screen Of Death(when your are formating ur pc and you see this)
CCD- Charged Couple Device(Ccd is used in cameras)
CDFS- Compact Disk File Syetem
CGI-Common Gateway Interface
CLOB- Character Large Object(also a data type)
DLL- Dynamic Link Library
PDF-Portable Document Format
PNG- Portable Network Graphic
RTE- Run Time Evironment
IDE- Integrated Development Environment.
DNS- Domain Name System
SDK- Software Development Kit
ISP: Internet Service Provider
ISO- International Standard Organisation
WI-FI: Wireless Fidelity
JPEG- Joint Photographic Experts Group. If you have additional ones, comment with them below for others to see..

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