Tecno To Launch Two New Smartphones With 4 Cameras

TECNO is about to awe its users this year, as it is poised to launch two smartphones with 4 cameras.
It’s 2020, and TECNO is already on their smartphone release spree,
and things are about to get interesting.
Two new smartphones, in the Camon series, would be released; and they would have 4 AI cameras.
These camera setups would have the 48MP sensor as primary cameras.

This is to take up the fight against the competition: Oppo and Xiaomi majorly.

For the users who might have discerned by now,
this release would be hot on the heels of the launch of the Spark Go Plus,
which did a great job as a budget-to-midrange device to satisfy consumers who don’t want to spend too much for a phone.
That device was decently specced too;
with a 2GB + 32GB RAM/ROM combo,
and a hefty 4000mAh battery.
Very little is known about the two upcoming devices, other than the fact that they would be having 4 camera setups.
There are expectations however,
and it is expected that the devices would be around $210 when they launch.
Conclusion on Tecno To Launch Two New Smartphones With 4 Cameras
Everyone knows that TECNO smartphone release cycle is very regular, there is a phone for everyone.
Now this year, they’re already planning to release not one,
but two devices with 4 AI cameras at the back (one of each would be a 48MP shooter)
It’s a good thing for current and would-be users of TECNO smartphones,
waiting to upgrade to a more capable device camera-wise.

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