How To Transfer Sms From One Mobile Phone To Another For Free

Good evening to you all loyal visitors of arewamobile tech blog. You are welcome to this great post which is expected to be of service to many of you guys particularly android users being the most widely used mobile phone in the universe today.

This post will show you a simple method or a technique through which you could transfer all your messages from your old phone to new one at the expense of no cost. Without long story, let me take you straight to the point.

– Android phones(both the two)
– Wi-Fi network
– Sms backup & restore (on both the two phones) – which you can get for free on playstore

Connect both the two phones to the same WiFi network available in the area you are. Open the sms backup & restore app you’ve just downloaded in both the phones

Tap on Transfer.

A new pop up window will appear containing the transfer options. Tap Send from this phone on the phone you want to transfer the messages from and then tap Receive on this phone on the recipient phone from which a search action will be established.

After some seconds of the search, name of the recipient phone will appear on the screen , tap on it to send the invitation to the recipient phone from which you then accept the invitation request.

Two options will be shown to you; “Transfer texts and call logs from the current state” , or “Use the most recent backup” . Tap the first option and wait for the process to be completed after which you’ll be provided with a new window. Tap on Accept and restore

Wait for the transfer process to finish. A new window will appear telling you that sms backup and restore has to be made default messenger app, tap Ok and click yes in the new window and wait.

Once it is done, you can go back to your sms menu and put your previous default sms app into its position….

Note that there are some other good sms backup apps. SMS BACKUP+ is a good example, as it uses data instead of WiFi . One added advantage is that it saves all your sms records in your gmail account , so all you need to do is to restore the sms back to your current phone….

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