How To Turn Off Any Android mobile Phone Remotely Via SMS

Good afternoon arewamobile blog readers, here is an amazing tutorial brought to you by Deendabai, tutorial of which you will learn how you can turn your android device off remotely, that is to say without having to get into contact with it.

Those with the habit of forgetting their phones at home may find it very useful as this may save your phone from data or baterry drainage, accrual of missed calls and many other issues. We will employ a method of sending an sms to that particular phone you want to off.

For you to activate such a task or a function on your android phone, then the following apps&access have to be on your phone:

– A Rooted android phone (your phone must be rooted)

– Remote Power V1 (Download it Here)

-ES File explorer(search the playstore)

-SuperSU( From playstore)

How To Shut Down Your andriod device Remotely Through SMS

For the activation processes, the following steps have to be followed and applied as they are:

– Download the application (Remote power v1 Download it Here) to your device ( but before that, make sure that you have enabled “unknown source” options on your android device. To do so, simply go to settings > security and then tick the install from unkown source to enable it. Note that: This option lets you install applications downloaded from third party sources.)

Note that, the Remote power app provided above is in zip format, so you have to extract the required app out of the zip file, hence the need for the ES File explorer app.

– To extract the Remote power app from the zip file, go to the folder you have downloaded the file to and tap the file i.e tap on the “” and select ES Zip Viewer.

You’ll be displayed with all the files contained in it, simply navigate to System > App > Remoteturnoff.apk hold it and tap and hold the Remoteturnoff.apk and then tap on “Extract”. create a folder to extract your file to and then extract it…

After the extraction processes, then go back to the folder you’ve extracted the file to inorder to get it installed..

-After that, install and then launch the application.

-At this stage, there will be a need for you to reset your password for the App. The default password on the app is null, so input it on current password and then enter your new code in the other 2 boxes provided. Click on “change secret code” once you are done as it can be seen in the pic below;

-Now go to your SuperSU app to ensure that the app is granted root access.

-You are done! With all the required processes, now all you Need to do is to send that secret code you used for the app as SMS to your android device, and then your device would be turned off Remotely.

Expriencing any problem while trying to use it? Feel free to drop a comment via the comment box below. And don’t forget to share it with you friends on Facebook , twitter, whatsapp etc

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