Twitter To Share Ads Revenue On Videos Uploaded by US users

Last October, Twitter modified Amplify so all publishers had to do was upload their videos to to start monetizing their content and get paid the majority of the ad revenue – reports say 70% (versus YouTube’s 55%) – through automated rev-share payments.

So even with an appealing offer, it’s unclear whether Twitter will be able to entice creators and viewers who already think of other video platforms first, or if the move is too little too late.

Up until this point, creators who wanted to make money through their large Twitter followings were able to do so through Niche, a company that Twitter bought a year ago that connects brands with a network of some 35,000 online influencers for marketing campaigns and other sponsored content.

The feature is only open to those registered with its Amplify Publisher program. Video has an obsession for internet and telecom companies this year, including Twitter’s bigger rival Facebook.

Twitter is rolling out a new way for content creators to monetize their videos and work across the platform.

Twitter may have been slow to awake to this reality, but now it’s trying to make up for lost time – and play catch-up with Facebook’s growing video monetization capabilities – with an expansion of its Twitter Amplify program,
announced today. This will likely vary depending on the creator’s audience, and the type of content they’ll monetize. For Twitter, emphasizing live video is a tactic in its fight for mainstream appeal.

With the ad-program change, Twitter is stepping up to the plate against YouTube. The more high-quality videos from top creators published onto the app, the greater the opportunity Twitter has to command premium video budgets, and more favorable ad rates, from advertisers.

To support creators, Twitter recently launched desktop and mobile apps that provide resources for publishing media and engaging with fans. It will include a unified media library of all your videos, GIFs and images, as well as tools for scheduling tweets and managing teams. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the.

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