How To Undo Sent Email Messages On Gmail

Good evening, Gmail is considered to be the best free mailing network which is powered by Google that allows a user to send/receive emails and additionally provide cloud storage space also.

You might mistakenly sent a message to someone after which you’ll find a need to cancel or undo that actoin.

You can easily do that by following some simple steps to be outlined later on in this post.

For you to archieve this, you have to enable the undo button in gmail and cancel a sent mail, this feature is a part of gmail and you can use this feature to cancel the email you have sent to someone.


Step 1.
Login to your Gmail account in with which you want to cancel the sent mail. Locate the setting option at the right top corner and click on it.

Step 2.

Now in the drop down list select settings. Now under the General Tab, you will find an option of Enable Undo Send.

Step 3.

You just Need to select the option of Enable Undo Send. After You enabled t you will be given the option of “Send cancellation period” Set it to your desired limit.

Step 4.

After setting the time limit you then need to save these changes to apply on your Gmail account. Now Gmail will give you 10 seconds to undo every email when it is sent, but you can increase this time in settings > general > undo send > cancellation period and set it to the maximum of seconds. That’s it every time you send the mail it will display 10-30 seconds to undo the sent email.

The steps listed above are quite enough for you to enable undo option in your gmail account…

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