How to use Facebook , Whatsapp , Telegram and others in one application

Do you know that you can use multiple messengers like Whatsapp, telegram, Skype, Facebook, wechat and many other social media messengers in one application on your desktop (PC)? Yes! Instead of you to download them one by one that will occupy the memory space of your pc and even run the RAM of your desktop down when you run all at same time but with this application, you will be able to use all applications on only one application.

This application which can connect these social

medias messenger is called All in One Messenger and is an application that connects all other social media applications in one place on your desktop or PC”. This simply means you can use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram,

Messenger, Skype and many more messenger applications in “one application”. It allows you to focus on a single application instead of switching between different messenger applications which will be more easier.

This application is totally free unlike some applications that you will be asked to pay in order to activate but this one is totally free of charge and I know all desktop users will be happy to see this new application.

Below are the messenger apps it comprises



-Google Hangouts











-Yahoo Messenger

-Tencent QQ

-XMPP (Jabber)












Some reviews about this all in one application

Multiple instances support

With this application, users can also apply multiple

instances of one messenger for instance,

Whatsapp, Skype or Facebook, which makes it the perfect tool to manage multiple business accounts all at the same time and at the same place and period.

Fully optimized for chrome technology

All-in- One Messenger utilizes or optimized a lot of Chrome technology like the fast Javascript v8 engine. It runs seamlessly on your Chromebook.

Security and privacy

All-in-One Messenger doesn’t read anything you type, send or receive. Also the application doesn’t save login credentials of users It is built in a way that each messenger lives in its own tab, which can not be accessed by other messengers. This is the reason why it is possible to use multiple accounts (of Skype for example) simultaneously. It also has the nice benefit of “preventing cross-domain tracking” of Facebook etc. as you don’t have to be logged-in with your main browser in other to access a specific application so you will get to know more advantages of it when you are using it.

How to use or download the All in one


Firstly, you have to download the ALL IN ONE

APPLICATION by Clicking here , and is also available on Google chrome Web store. Just download it here or there they are still same application.

-Open and launch the app as it can be seen below

– Now add a new messenger in this application. For example here Facebook is chosen

-Login and add more messenger apps..

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