How To Use Your Phone As a Tv Remote

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Good day loyal readers of arewamobile blog post. In today’s tutorial, i’ll unveil to you a secret through which you can twist your phone to act as a tv remote.

You may found yourself in a situation whereby your tv remove is missing, malfunctioning or completely spoiled and coincidently, you want watch a tv program that is so special to you such that you may feel a great unpleasure for missing that program.

Don’t get bored, your smart phone can act as your tv remote with full functions as your real tv remote with the aid of some applications which we’ll state only one of such apps in this tutorial .

– Android phone with IR port (built-in)
– IR blaster (built-in or downloaded from the web)
– Easy Universal TV
Remote by Big Fishes(you can download it from playstore)

what is an IR port?
IR port is an abbreviation that stands for an Infra-red port which is a software that makes wirelessly connection between to devices possible. Such devices include but not limited to : Between tv to its remote, radio to its remote, car to its remote etcetera. Most of the mobile smartphones do come with IR port built in them from where they are manufactured.

what is an IR blaster?
IR blaster too is an abbreviation which stands for Infra-red blaster, application which connects two devices wirelessly in which actions of one of the devices is controlled by the other. Like IR port, some of the latest smartphones so far invented do come with IR blaster built in them. You can search and download it from playstore or google if your device lacks it. But your phone has to be bearing IR port in it.

To control your tv with your phone
Simply go to google playstore to download and install (Easy
universal Tv remote) which is the application to perform the remote activities with.

Open the application and locate setting from where you’ll be provided with 3 options:
– IR port
-IR blaster

choose any of the above options, preferrably IR blaster from where you may therefore be popped up with the list of many tv names/models. Choose the model of your tv and you are done..

List of some smartphones with IR Blaster built in them

-HTC One (M8)

-HTC One (M7)

– HTC One Max

-Huawei Honor 6

-LG G2

-LG G Flex
-LG G Pro Lite

-LG Optimus F6

-LG Optimus

-L9 II

-Samsung Galaxy Note 3

-Samsung Galaxy S4
-Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

-Sony Xperia Z ( Japan)

-Sony Xperia ZL

-Samsung Galaxy J

-ZTE Nubia

-Z5S 2014

and many more…

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