We will no longer give out Political room to self-centered politicians – Comr. Yusuf Saddam

We will no longer give a political room to mobsters that neither know the value of their subject nor their political carrier.

It’s indeed time for educated youth that are willing to serve humanity not to be served, to give not to be given to rise and gain power for development of communities with bright future, focus and vision.

Just imagine how the rats come to us when they are in need of us, calling, begging for our votes, making promises but when emerged as leaders shun and abandon our complaints, calls talk less of our messages.

Some months back I had a call from a fellow students representatives of Funtua who were trying in all means to reshuffle students association. He says to me “I called one of the reps seeking for his benevolent assistance in running students government but before he even listen to what I have to say he replied “did I know you? Who ask you to call me? Allow me to rest!” after all he has forgotten that he was the one that asked him to call him.

In A.B.U, Funtua students association (FUNSA) is in halt for kangaroo ages, proper guidance, orientation and support which are given to other local government students such as DESA for Daura students, KAFSA for Kafur students and much others were and are not enjoyed by Funtua students. In this view some chauvinistic and faithful students of A.B.U who are autochthonous of Funtua caressed the soreness and came up with fruitful solution of enlivening Students association popularly known as FUNSA.

On the process one of the reps promised to come and have a dialogue with Funtua local government students but awkwardly put off his phone and failed to show-up despite the fact that students were gathered waiting for him. Series of conversation later took place with him but bunch less excuses were proffered.

One agonistic issue recently happed which I don’t have to narrate how it occurs bid by bid for I am 99% sure some of you would pick pen and paper, pend their signatures and seek for a call back!
Here is its summary

Three days back we were in Katsina for National Association of Katsina State Students National Body Election, we found ourselves in agonistic situation, short of food, money for transportation back home, our tyre busted and in short we were severely in need of help. We called one of our reps at state level seeking for his help but denied. Surprisingly a reps out of our constituency popularly known as Mai nauyi from Faskari local government offered us philanthropic help, and that was how we landed home safely.

To you fellow youths; can we continue like this?
To you our representatives, you should better know that we elected you into various offices as our servant not we to serve you. Rise up and serve humanity.

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