The National Association of Nigerian Students under the leadership of Tijani Usman Shehu has called for national protest on tuesday in response to xenophobic attacks and humiliations faced by Nigerians in South Africa. This was made known to us through his facebook handle today.

“Good morning Nigerians, today the common destiny of Africans is under the terrible affliction of xenophobia coming from South Africa. For me I have concluded that this is madness and the perpetrators, South Africans and their establishment must and will receive equal disposition from Nigerians students.”
“We shall on Tuesday educate them in our own way. Injury to one is Injury to all. All Nigerian Students all over the country must match out on Tuesday in Protest against the South African people and government.” said shehu.
In addition, he gave all South African students who are studying in Nigeria as well as South African staffs working in Nigerian institutions an ultimatum of 2ays to vacate all the school campuses. “In my capacity as the NANS President, I hereby declare all South African Students studying in any Nigerian University Persona Non Grata, they are to vacate our campuses before 8am on Tuesday, all staffs of our tertiary institutions of South African citizenship are also to vacate our campuses. We shall close down all South African establishment in Nigeria.”

“We shall demand the blood of our brothers and sisters slaughtered in terrible manners. Today NANS having allowed the SA government time to rethink and ensure order and peace and the failure of same; the Leadership of NANS have concluded plan on a No Retreat, No Surrender Massive Action as a confrontation to xenophobia.” he added.

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